Game Ideas: Blending Two Franchises


You know the concept of Fire Emblem x SMT or Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney - mashing two franchise together to make a new game?

Challenge: Try to make the most funny, creative, bizarre, or clever new game idea by blending two game franchises.

I'll start with a few.

Monster Hunter X Pokemon
Call of Duty X Splatoon
The Sims X Animal Crossing


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Zelda X Fire Emblem would be interesting - ie a Fire Emblem game but set in Zelda-land (my favorite timeline perhaps being the Dark one). Hyrule Warriors has already showed that army strategy ish games can work with the franchise.



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Gears of War X Cho Aniki - homoerotic warfare against an alien invasion
Xenoblade X Animal Crossing - make friends and decorate your house on the still standing corpses of tom nook and KK Slider
Fallout X Paper Mario - "Wario, Wario never changes"
GTA X Mario Kart - steal cars and run over prostitutes, evade the police by dropping banana peels and throwing turtle shells
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Your Resident Beardy Bear
Crash Bandicoot X Grand Theft Auto

Nintendogs X Devil May Cry

(But seriously, the answer is Metroid X Vanquish.)
So I was playing Vanquish again earlier this week and the mechanics are still very well done, but man is the game hard at times. Need some practice...

What's interesting is when you combine the slide mechanic as well as the bullet-time, I'm imagining Samus going from shooting Space Pirates with her power beam to going into morph ball mode to evade enemies, and then when exiting out of morph ball mode, slowing down time to hit enemies again.

Makes me want to see Platinum tackle the Metroid franchise as a 3D 3rd person shooter like Vanquish and make it so over-the-top, yet to engaging at the same time. :mdrool:

Platinum Games X Nintendo IP


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Something I've floated around here and there... probably seems bizarre on the surface, but I think would actually work ver, very well:

Persona X Animal Crossing.

Instead of the generic "Villager" in classic AC games, you pick one of the characters from Persona 4 to play as. You and your friends all move to Animal Village as a foreign exchange at the new school there. It can blend all the best from AC and the high school sim from the Persona games. And maybe a very casual dungeon diving element. The strangeness of both worlds colliding would work for its benefit. anyone who has played and enjoyed both, I think can agree.


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Smash Bros x Project X Zone

I mean, I pick the characters of Smash Bros and the RPG part of PXZ.

What I want is an Smash RPG. Just that simple.
I am of the mind set that smash should just be a common franchise name at this point with its own RPG and adventure game line.... also replacing "Mario" as the kart and sports genres. Mario Kart right now is already Smash Kart. But a Smash RPG would be awesome.