Games that make you feel it


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Let's talk about the games that accomplish making you feel something.

I mean, when I play Mario, it's just fun, I feel happy, puzzled and sometimes angry. But it's all about the gameplay.

But I want to talk about games that really makes you feel that you're winning, that you're lost, that you're alone, that your scared, etc.

Horror games usually do that, they're made to scare you, but what about other games like Metroid Prime, for example:

Metroid Prime made me feel really alone and scared. After a 3h session of Metroid Prime, I feel alone in a lost and dangerous world. Sometimes I tried to avoid a door, thinking, "what sort of dangerous thing is waiting for me there?". I often wanted to have fun and talk to some NPC: but there are no NPCs, no mini game to play, nothing fun to do. There are only weapons that somebody left activated and records of old wars and gone people.

Monster Hunter really makes me feel that I'm winning (or losing). Every monster hunting feels so real. You're beating it and that monster gets tired. It runs from you and you feel a mix of pity for it and stressed because it's fleeing. When you really get ready to make a move and the monster hits you (or other small monster hits you), you really get hot under the collar like "I planned this and you ruined it in a second!!!!!". When you get on the cart you really feel tired and beaten.

Xenoblade Chronicles X really made me feel like I'm a soldier and Mira regions are the theatres of operations. The multiple fortresses, races and clans adds a lot to this feel of an occupied sci fi war region. I understand that XCX is an RPG with a lot of moments that feel quite odd or out of place, but yet it really feels this way for me once I got my mind into the game.

Those are my examples of the top of my head and I think that this is very personal.

I believe that the gamemaker designed those games to made us feel that way, but I think that sometimes it doesn't work. We just can't connect to the game. There are people who thinks Metroid Prime is just boring and XCX is just an RPG with a big world and too many quests.

For example in my case Zelda doesn't make me feel really inside that world. I like Zelda, but I just can't help thinking that the world is just a hub for action puzzle games (the dungeons). Games like OOT and TP particularly had a quality effect on me, but, generally speaking, Zelda is a brilliant and fun game, but nothing that makes me feel connected.

So what games really touched you?


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Fantastic thread idea. Props. To the matter at hand...

Grand Theft Auto III - This was the first time I felt like I was truly part of a living, breathing world. I spent as much time in Liberty City as I did in classes at college. "Immersion" is an overused word, but LC felt like being transported into a virtual city in a way I hadn't experienced before.

Twilight Princess - The game that brought me back to Nintendo. "Wonder" would be the word here, I suppose. Not easy to put into words, but if GTA3 felt like being pulled into Goodfellas, then Twilight Princess was like visiting a LotR-sort of world (Rohan ftw). I hadn't completed a Zelda since the original, so LoZ:TP felt fresh to me (whereas it felt retready to many others, I'm sure).

Metroid Prime - I sort of backtracked into this; I played Corruption first. But Prime has that similar wonder factor as experienced in TP. But it's much more private. Tallon IV felt lived-in, and it was a sort of detective story. Lonely. Everyone rightfully talks up walking into Phendrana, but I always remember the sunken Orpheon, exploring before you get the Gravity Suit. Everything is blurry, and it's difficult to move, and you're alone, and there's no obvious path back out to your ship, but that's what makes it so exhilarating.

Super Metroid - You ever listen to a piece of classical music, or look at a particular painting, and realize you're experiencing genius? That's Super. It was that "ah-ha" moment. I had played years'-worth of PS2 games in 3D sandboxes, and I didn't think a 2D game would offer that much. Then I played it and it felt like a puzzle piece connected in my head. "So this is where it all came together." If I had to launch things into space for an alien race to find, it'd be the opening riff to "Heartbreaker," a recipe for chicken and yellow rice, a picture of Bettie Page, and a cart of Super Metroid. Those are our high points as a species.

Shadow of the Colossus - Sorrow. The muted colors, the task at hand, picking a fight with some Colossi who didn't seem to mean any harm. I would always feel a rush at beating a Colossi, but then a sort of emptiness as I watched them fall.


Monster Hunter - The thrill of victory, man. Triumph. Camaraderie. Nothing else like it. When a BAMF-tier monster (or three) gives you two faints early?

But do you quit? Nah. You hang in there with your crew. You turn the tables.

And when you at last prevail?

Some things that come to the top of my head are:

Silent Hill 1 & 2

Silent Hill 2 was my first one of the series and it scared the fuck out of me. To the point I hated it when my dog wanted to go out for a piss at night. Not my proudest moment....The prison with the invisible cell mates, running from Pyramid Head under the hospital, too many memorable moments.

First year in college I played Silent Hill 1, and by this time, I've played more games in the series, and since the graphics look like ass and the voice acting is laughable, I thought I would laugh my way through the game. Couldn't be more wrong. Lost count of how many times I jumped before the first area ended. I'll never forgot walking into a bathroom, grabbing an item, and when I'm about to leave I hear a window crash. I could not hit that "open door" button fast enough. Another part with a locker being knocked on from inside, only to have a cat jump out when you open it. Once you go to the Other World, you walk by the same locker, now not making any noise, only to have a corpse burst out on top of you. Fuck me this game.

Super Mario Galaxy

When this game came out, I was going through that phase of "I'm too old and mature for Mario games, I need more mature games for mature gamers like myself". My parents bought me it for Christmas one year and I played it. This is the game that made me grow out of that cringey bullshit attitude. That's pretty much it hahaha, the amount of fun I had with this game was...out of this world.


I was very late getting into these games, but I played Pikmin and immediantly fell in love. An exploration based puzzle strategy with a time limit that just works. Getting all the ship parts under 20 days is one of my favorite accomplishments in gaming to this day (not necessarily the hardest, but just fun). One of the very few games I beat, and immediately started up a new save file the next morning. I can play it right now.

Ocarina of Time

My first Zelda after renting it. I just couldn't believe a video game like this was possible. I played Mario 64 at this point, but they were segmented levels accessed from a hub, Zelda was a fucking world man. So many secrets, characters to talk to, fun dungeons and items, etc. My 8/9/whatever year old self just could not believe it. It may not be my favorite Zelda, but no one forgets there first one.

And this and Majora's Mask was the last game me, my sister and my dad all played together. We each had our own save file, we would watch each other play and when they found a secret I missed, I couldn't wait to start my save file up to get it. I loved this so much that when I played Wind Waker (my first Zelda I played entirely by myself) it just felt like something was missing. I remember finding a bottle in Wind Waker, felt happy I found it, but then a bit sad I didn't have anyone to share that knowledge with.

Mega Man X

This game just makes my dick hard.