Hey guys,

I'm back from my self-imposed exile since February. That was when we began negotiating with a billion dollar media company in Canada, Metroland Media Group (division of Torstar). And just last week we signed with them a 50/50 join venture. Enthusiast Gaming Inc (my company) owns half of Enthusiast Gaming Live Inc, the event company that is now creating EGLX. Metroland owns the second half and is funding the event. The online portion of the company is all held within Enthusiast Gaming Inc. We raised money from investors in order to hire the programming team (costs around $30k a month), but 90% of Enthusiast Gaming Inc is still internally owned.

I left the community within the able hands of @mattavelle1 and @juegosmajicos while I was gone and it's a testament to your faith in them that this community is still intact, especially with me neglecting it while I had to work on external milestones. Now we have the resources to finally bring the community back into the overall evolution.

The programmers have been working on the crude, rudimentary functionality of the webapp/forums that will power the community. I would never show it publicly yet because it still needs so much work. However, it's finally time for you guys to join on board.

As our social platform launches a public beta (November maybe?), I want to offer you guys to become community managers of the various sub-communites that will exist within the social platform. You guys are the model community members and each of you has years of experience interacting with the community. Only you guys will know how to grow it and help it thrive. Or, if you don't want the repsonsibility, we'll call you 'senior community members' or something like that and you can help be pioneers.

But before all that, who wants to start testing out the new app? It's crude. It's disorganized. It's not intuitive. You might need to be coached how to use it. But you guys will help determine the issues, what features should be improved, etc.

The programming team is really quick and talented. They can make a new feature in 3 days. They will be pushing out new updates of the app each 2 weeks based on your feedback. So, there will probably be hundreds of suggestions and bugs you guys find, which we will need to prioritize. I'd like Matt and Alex to continue leading the charge in this respect and helping you guys get on board the new platform and all your needs met. I'll be in and out. Definitely around more than before, but still focused on the business end as we try and pay our bills and gain major traction.

If you want to join the new app, just post below.


The Wolf of TNE Street
I am way too irresponsible to be a community manager, but I would love to be a senior member and help you test the app!

You have done an amazing job with this place. Did not know all that was going on in the background, thank you for all your hard work!


The Architect
Can the app be tested out on a PC, or do I need a smartphone?

(I feel like I am one of three people on the planet who has an old fashion flip phone still)