God Shattering Star - 2020 Games Completed Thread


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This thread is for one very specific purpose; to keep track of all the games we complete during the year of 2020. Post the games you complete throughout the year and under the spoiler I'll do my best to have an up to date list of all the games you post in here. (up to date process will probably be once a week)

Mega Man X (NS)
Control (XB1)
Far Cry (PC)

Please remember to type out your game title as Insert Game(Platform Abbreviation) (example: Mega Man 5 (NES)) Please do not italicize or bold it or anything like that, as it can bork the formatting.

Also, a game that is rereleased on a later platform (as in, Virtual Console or what have you) is counted as the platform the game was rereleased on. So Ocarina of Time on the Wii VC is counted as 'Ocarina of Time (Wii)' instead of 'Ocarina of Time (N64)'

(NES) Nintendo Entertainment System
(SNES) Super Nintendo Entertainment System
(N64) Nintendo 64
(GCN) Nintendo Gamecube
(Wii) Nintendo Wii
(Wii U) Nintendo Wii U
(NS) Nintendo Switch
(GB) Game Boy
(GBC) Game Boy Color
(GBA) Game Boy Advance
(VB) Virtual Boy
(DS) Nintendo DS
(3DS) Nintendo 3DS
(NESCL) Nintendo Classic
(SNESCL) Super Nintendo Classic

(PS1) Sony Playstation
(PS2) Playstation 2
(PS3) Playstation 3
(PS4) Playstation 4
(PS5) Playstation 5
(PSP) Playstation Portable
(Vita) Playstation Vita

(Xbox) Microsoft Xbox
(360) Xbox 360
(XB1) Xbox 1
(XSX) Xbox Series X

(Mobile) Games on Phones
(PC) Games on PC
(C64) Commodore 64

(WS) Wonderswan
(NG) Neogeo
(NGP) Neogeo Pocket
(NNG) Nokia NGage
(3DO) 3DO
(SMS) Sega Master System
(SG) Sega Genesis
(SS) Sega Saturn
(DC) Sega Dreamcast
(GG) Sega Game Gear
(SGM) Sega Genesis Mini

What counts as a completed game? This is mostly open to personal judgement, but if you see a credits sequence more than likely I'll say you've beaten the game (fighting games being an exception due to their nature, however they can be completed if you beat a dedicated story mode and/or the arcade mode with all characters). Episodic games only count after you finish the last part of the game, although there are some exceptions to this. Certain expansions, spinoffs, or DLC's can count as their own game, but a lot of times I would prefer to stick them on as an addendum to the main game instead of their own thing (so that means if you've beaten the main game this year, let me know that you have so I can put the DLC being completed on the same entry as the main one).

An asterisk * denotes a second+ playthrough (in the year of 2020). For example, if I beat Mega Man 5 in January 2020 and March 2020, I'd get the *, but if I beat it in December 2019 and March 20120 it would just be put up normally.

-Note- I either have to know you from another site before you joined TNE or you have to have had a semi active account for six months to be included on this list. (so basically all the old TNE crew is fine. This is just a note for potential new members)

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Far Cry (PC)

Started this last year, but finished a little earlier. So, let me start out by saying that this was one of those games back in the day that stressed my old PC, so for a number of reasons, I felt it proper to revisit this game, and see just how well or bad it has aged. On the surface, the graphics have somewhat aged alright, albeit mostly in the environmental department. Character models are not the greatest these days, but shadows are still fairly good, and sound design is still decent I think. Gameplay is decent enough, and many of the features in the gameplay have been evolved since with the Crysis games. I think overall, from a technical perspective, the game is about what you'd expect for a 2004 game, but there are some things about it that damn near ruin it.

The A.I. in this game is probably the single biggest frustrating part about it, and I feel it only gets worse as you play it. In the earlier levels, it feels relatively easy going: you tag enemies with your binoculars, maybe sneak up on them, take em' out, rinse and repeat. If only it were so easy though. The A.I. has eyes that would make an eagle blush. I swear, you could be hundreds of feet away from an enemy, and not only will they end up spotting you, but they'll also somehow get accurate shots. In some ways, you have to almost know the levels to really get the most out of it, but I did not have the time for this shit. The enemies themselves also are huge bullet sponges unless you aim precisely at their heads. This might seem easy enough, and when sneaking around, it is relatively, but when your cover is blown, and you're fighting to find some cover yourself, enemies have the tendency to serpentine around while still shooting, and their movements feel very jerky at times. And when you have multiple enemies at once, it can get even more difficult.

When it comes to bullet sponges though, nothing takes the cake than the Trigens in this game. Holy Fucking God Almighty are the Trigens the stupidest enemies in this entire game. I had simply forgotten how bad they were, and it's rather appalling they were allowed to pass inspection before this game went out to ship. The first set of Trigens you come across, the Primate variety, are not the worst ones in the world, but their unpredictability in their movements, plus the usual small corridors in many of the sections you fight them, it borderline is unfair to face them. And headshot for them don't seem to affect them any better compared to other areas of their body. And if headshot do make a difference, it still feels like an eternity before they are put down. However, if you think the primates trigness are bad enough, the overly large humanized versions with rocket launchers for arms are even worse. It is simply incredible these enemies are in this game because they will fire rockets at you indefinitely, far or point blank at you, and there's nothing you can do except accept you might get hit with rockets, and just hope they don't kill you before you drop them. You will be loading back to the previous checkpoint constantly in this game, and it ends up feeling like a chore. Hell, doing actual chores in your place of residence feels more like paradise compared to this.

This frustration got so bad, I resorted to something I don't normally do, and that is cheats. I modified the files in the game to enable devmode, and put on God mode. I was like, "I'm done. Enough of this." Back in the day, I would play the game without cheats, but today I just didn't have the patience, and I also felt I didn't know any better back then to think it was so bad. By today's standards, the Fish A.I. in Call of Duty is more sophisticated than this piece of shit. And it is not as though I was playing on some super hard difficulty. This was only on normal, and there are 2 or 3 more difficulty settings beyond what I played. I can only imagine what sheer hell it is to play Far Cry on the hardest difficulty. That person deserves a fucking medal.

So to sum up, Far Cry is horribly unbalanced, unfair, and most of all, has un-fucking believably bad A.I.

Happy 2020, TNE.
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Mega Man X (NS)

Did a goofy "challenge" run kind of thing, where I had a friend randomly order the numbers 1 through 8 and used those to determine my order through the game.

Going through B. Kuwanger, F. Mammoth, and S. Mandrill without weaknesses and without the boots was certainly interesting, lol. It has been a while since I've seen F. Mammoth and S. Mandrill's stage in their vanilla forms (before being damaged by defeating other bosses).


Married to Chrom
Control (XB1)

Once I started leveling skills that weren't health, and were therefore actually useful, I ended up having a much better time with this game and really enjoying almost every moment. This was one I definitely went through and made sure to read every single note, status report or other sundry piece of lore. It really drew me into its surreal worldspace and I loved it.
Astral Chain (NS)

I didn't want to write about it immediately after finishing it. I beat it around a week ago and I don't know about this one.

I should love it, I want to, but it never fully clicked with me. When you're not in combat the game is okay but the side missions aren't anything special. Combat is fine too but it never grabbed me like other action games have. I had issues with platforming and such, fell off a lot of ledges cause I clipped a small rock.

I can't pin down why I'm not so hot on this one. There are annoyances, there are good moments, but overall...eh. In a way I'm reminded of Vanquish in that I can see a good game in here but maybe I didn't fully explore what you could do in combat to make it truly enjoyable.

I can't even write three little coherent paragraphs on my thoughts of this game.


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SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy (NS)

That certainly was something resembling a story, I guess.

As for the game itself, it's an interesting, if simplified, fighting game that can be a lot of fun or frustrating, depending on whether or not the game decides you have frame advantage or not that second.