Good Evening Everyone!

Good evening everyone, I just joined the forums tonight after a Twitter invite and wanted to introduce myself. I hate writing these kinda things, so please forgive me if it’s incoherent and rambling. My name is Frank and I have been playing Nintendo games since Donkey Kong on ColecoVision. Since then, I’ve owned and played every Nintendo system (even the Virtual Boy dear God). My favorite system is the SNES (with Gamecube and 3DS a tie for second) and my favorite series, by a very substantial margin, is the Legend of Zelda.

Let’s see, offline I am a married father of three, and am a comic artist/cartoonist. I have wanted to draw comics my whole life, but marriage and kids and lots and lots of bills to pay sidetracked that for a few years. When I’m not catching elusive fish in Animal Crossing I am drawing character designs and layouts for the graphic novel I am working on.

My main system right now is a 3DS XL, and I plan on buying a Wii U probably in the early spring. After finishing A Link Between Worlds, I’ve been juggling Animal Crossing and LoZ Oracle of Seasons while I wait for Bravely Default.

I have never really been active on game forums before, as many of the ones I have “lurked” on seemed populated with anti-Nintendo hipsters and were negative in general, and I’m too old for flame wars and negativity. This forum seems very positive and informative from what I've read so far, and I’m looking forward to interacting with everyone about Nintendo and pop culture.

If anyone is on Twitter and wants to connect there my name is @FrankHaba!
Haha. Quite the interesting username you've got there.
Easy to see why one would have a 3DS over a Wii U right now. Hope you like what we've done with the place!