Good morning everyone


Metroid and Irish Enthusiast
Good morning everyone! My name is Irish. Just a bit about myself: I am a huge Nintendo fan and absolutely love Metroid and Pokemon. I am currently 22 years old at college studying Psychology and love making new friends. If anyone wants to play Pokemon or Monster Hunter, I will gladly do so. I have been using this site as a news source via twitter in the past and look forward to making friends in this great community. Thank you for taking the time to read this thread.


Man awesome Irish! We are more than happy to have you here at TNE! Hope you enjoy this awesome community full of very excellent people.

If you need anything while your here you can contact any of our mods. They are @Friedshoes , @juegosmajicos , @Superfakerbros or myself Mattavelle.

Enjoy yourself here, and join in at anytime.
Welcome irish! I always thought that was a cool name. And being a Metroid fan makes you insta-cool. So welcome again and hope you stick around!


Metroid and Irish Enthusiast
Don't mean to bring thread back from dead, just responding to messages I missed.

Thanks guys for the welcome. Nice to see some metroid fans here too. Still waiting for the anniversary Metroid deserves