Greetings and salutations!

Hello Nintendo Enthusiast forums! My name is Dylan and I'm delighted to be here.

I've been a huge fan of Nintendo for close to 25 years. I don't agree with every decision they make, but they're one of the few companies today who seem interested in providing a "pure" gaming experience.

SHAMELESS PLUG: I run a blog - - where I'm currently reviewing every NES game ever made. I'm nearing the end now, so I'm pretty excited about that. Feel free to check me out, or not!

I look forward to posting here and interacting with some awesome members. Thanks for having me!


Gald you made it to the TNE forums Dylan! Hope that you enjoy it here.
If you need anything you can ask one of our awesome mods to help. They are @Superfakerbros, @FriedShoes, @juegosmajicos or myself Mattavelle.
Please enjoy your posting experience here as its full of amazing people to not only talk to but game with as well.