Greetings Everyone.

Ello. I am Metkuratsu Mizuiro, I'm new here though I got here yesterday, lol I'm a fan of Nintendo since as long as I can remember. I'm a Gamer, Artist (kinda) and a machinimist (well an amateur one) obviously so I do gaming stuff just for the nostalgia and other things. So, umm, nice to meet you all here.
Hey there Metkuratsu! I think it's pretty cool to do artsy things and videos, care to share? Be sure to check out other parts of the forums and I hope you stick around ;)
Sure. :) and I will, this place looks good so far.

Youtube Channel:



Ah, stupid me! >_< There. xD and thanks. There's more to come. I'm uploading a Mario Party 1 all 4-player mini games.


All mods go to heaven.
Nice to have you over Metkuratsu. If you ever need any help, just ask me, @mattavelle1 , @juegosmajicos , or @FriedShoes
What he ^ said.
Welcome to the forums, hope you find something you like in our different boards.