Hello all!

Hi all, my name is CrackKat, I've been a member of the forum for a few months but I've only just got to the point where I'm ready to regularly join in the discussions. I want to thank NintendoEnthusiast for inviting me to join the forums a while ago, it's a pleasure to be here.

I used to be a mod at thewiiu.com but then after a series of unfortunate events I've had to leave there for years now.

I am a computer science student at university, I have some experience with Android development and programming in general so hopefully I can bring some interesting opinions to the discussions from an aspiring programmer's perspective.

My favourite games of all time are Smash Bros (mainly Brawl) because of the phenomenal combat system. The legend of Zelda series and Xenoblade Chronicles.

I'm currently in the planning stages of a game I will be developing for Wii U and Steam. I will be sure to update everyone when development gets serious and I can produce some kind of trailer. I will likely not be crowd funding the project.


All mods go to heaven.
Hello CrackKat, and welcome! You seem like you'll fit fine here. I am also on my way out so I'll have to check out this thread later, but for now just two things:

1) if you need any help from mods or admins, you can let me, @mattavelle1, @Superfakerbros, and @FriedShoes know.

2) if you are developing a game for Wii U, talk to @Menashe, he and some of his other goons make it a point to interview and cover indie games for Nintendo platforms, so you're bound to get some help or advice from them.