Hello everyone!

Hello there :)

I was excited to be invited to this forum, I mostly use twitter so this is very new to me! I grew up with a brother who was an avid gamer and then ended up marrying a man who loves gaming as well! I, myself, have played off & on but not seriously until last year when I tried out my step-daughter's 3DSXL. I was smitten with the hand-held and the amazing library of 3ds & DS games. Some of my favorites so far are: Paper Mario Sticker Star, Fire Emblem Awakening, Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, Kirby Mass Attack, Animal Crossing Wild World, ACNL, PokemonY, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate,Mario kart DS & Mario Kart 7. I have also started to enjoy various WiiU games and am currently immersed in Wind Waker HD. I have recently started an etsy shop where I have some video game (mostly nintendo inspired) items displayed. I'm def looking forward to meeting people who love nintendo & their products as much as me & my family does!


Very glad to have you here Emilee! And you said WW that makes me extremly happy as it's my favorite LoZ of all time. Anyhow welcome to the TNE forums were its full of awesome posters. Glad you took up the invite.

If you need anything you can ask anyone of our mods at anytime, anything you need help with. They are @Superfakerbros , @FriedShoes , @juegosmajicos or myself Mattavelle.

Hope to see you posting and enjoying the forums we have worked so hard at. We are glad to have you