Hello Everyone

Hello everyone. My name is Fran. I was invited here via twitter and I'm honoured to join the community.
Hmm...I guess I should get a huge elephant out of the room by disclosing the fact that I am blind. I'm totally blind in my left eye and have a metre or so of sight in my right. I have no depth perception and am colour blind. Despite this challenge I still manage to enjoy playing video games. Sure, it takes me a whole lot longer and I die more often than not...but it's the adventure along the way that counts.
Thank you for the invite. I hope to make some friends and be active in this community.
Ps. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want. I'm not easily offended and would rather have people be curious than afraid to approach me.
Haha yep! It was always between it or Squirtle as a kid. I remember thinking "What can grass do anyways?" so I picked it just out of curiosity. Now it's the Pokémon that I chose from Professor Sycamore.


Welcome Aloof to the TNE forums and I'm glad you took up the invite here. That's very amazing that you are blind and still enjoy videogames.

If you need anything from us here please ask anyone of our mods for some help. They are @Superfakerbros , @juegosmajicos , @FriedShoes or myself Mattavelle.

We are very happy to have you here, and hope you enjoy the forums.