Hello guys! I'm Francisalex!

Hello everyone! I'm Francisalex I'm kind of new here. Well, not really that new. I actually joined a while ago but I've had absolutely no time to post or share thoughts with you guys on this forum.

Anyways, I can already tell this is an awesome community and I hope you welcome me with open arms. I seriously cannot wait to start posting here and interact with all of you guys! I'm pretty confident I'll make a lot of new friends here!!!


I'm loving this Enthisasm that your bringing with your first thread Franci!

So welcome to TNE! If you need anything you can ask one of the mods for help at anytime. They are @juegosmajicos , @Superfakerbros , @FriedShoes or myself Mattavelle.

Hope your looking to play some Nintendo games online or watch some games online as we have many games we play together and also twitch them on TNE TV. Just a few other things we have going on outside of posting.

Also your just in time to spend e3 with us as we are having our own broadcast show on TNE TV. For details check out the thread "Wonderful ones unite up!! Part e3" in the Community hangout section of the forums.


ECE 2018
Welcome, Francisalex...welcome to the forums. To add on to what Matt said, while this may be a predominately Nintendo forum, you're more than free to discuss other gaming companies and systems