Hello Nintendo Enthusiasts!

Hello everyone! I'm Nerdieo! I just joined the Nintendo Enthusiast today and its very cool. My first Nintendo console was the GameCube and then I INSTANTLY became a fan of there work.(PS: I don't mean to spam, but I also make videos about Pokémon on the internet. So it'd help if you helped me and subscribed. Thank you and sorry.)

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ECE 2018
Nice to meet ya, Nerdieo. If you ever need any assistance, you could always contact me, Mattavelle1, juegosmajicos or FriedShoes. Oh and, btw, the GameCube was what REALLY made me a Nintendo fan. The GameBoy Color and Nintendo 64 helped bring me there but the GameCube lit my passion as a Nintendo fan
Some word of advice for YouTube, depending on the type of content you create, you can attract a following by sharing your content on sites such as N4G, Reddit, or even the IGN comment section.
Hope you like what we've done with the place!