Hello Nintendo fans!

Hey guys, I'd like to introduce myself, I was kindly invited to the forum via Twitter and it's a pleasure to be a part of the community. Big Nintendo fan, currently own a Wii U with Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3 & Super Mario 3D Land. I'm also a big Monolithsoft fan (as evident by my avatar) so expect to see me hanging around in threads involving X or anything else Monolithsoft related.

So I guess that's me done. Hope to see some of you in the other threads :)


Welcome Binary to the TNE forums! Glad that you took up the offer to come and join an awesome community full of great people and posters. I hope that you enjoy it here.
If you need anything you can ask anyone of our mods for help. They are @Superfakerbros, @juegosmajicos, @FriedShoes or myself Mattavelle.
Hope that you enjoy your time here, and join in on the conversations.