Hello TNE!


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Quick intro. I just signed up. Have been frequenting IGN Wii U boards for awhile as "SMTxFE". I'm sure there are plenty of the same "faces" around here. Gaming for approx 20 yrs. Have played on the majority of systems, but normally only own PC and Nintendo. Looking forward to seeing how this community differs from the one I've been used too. See ya around!


You finally are thinking about making the jump huh :p? Yes I know who you are and have seen your post quite a bit. And if your looking for different, well that depends on you. Over here we also come from war torn forums across the web riddled with fanboy / troll type speech. Over here tho we have all had to rehab ourselves from this and get down to gaming and having fun about our hobby. Along with the support from the front page (IE the forums and front page work hand in hand. Which means awesome poster well you may get one of your post on the front page in the ridcualosy awesome post section. Looking to be a reviewer or writer well kick ass in the forums writing well and respecting one another) we have a very awesome group of poster and people here.
So let me be the first to welcome you Josh to TNE! We very much hope to see you posting and hanging out with one another.
If you need help with anything please you can ask one of our mods at anytime for anything. They are @FriedShoes, @juegosmajicos, @Superfakerbros, or myself Mattavelle.
We have worked really hard to have a great community and it has taken a bit of time. I think by looking around tho you will enjoy what you see. Welcome again and have a great time while your here.