Hi everyone. I'm Aaron. You can find me on Twitter @aaronwrotkowski or on my blog. I was invited by the Twitter account here.
For a small bio I'm turning 29 in February, learned to read so I could understand what was being said in The Legend of Zelda, have a journalism background while currently working as a CRM for an automotive dealership. Currently own a Wii U and a Wii that I modded only to play Xenoblade Chronicles back when I thought it would never leave the PAL region. I used to own a DS and 3DS but gave away the DS when I purchased a 3DS and sold the 3DS when I was having money troubles last Christmas. Plan to own another, can't decide between a 3DSXL and 2DS.
Have a good one!
Hey Aaron and welcome to the TNE family! Oh and you should get a 3DS XL if you can, I've heard it's the best iteration of the 3DS family.


Welcome Aaron! If you ever need any help, just ask me, mattavelle1, juegosmajicos, or FriedShoes!
^This and again welcome to TNE! We are glad to have more people join this awesome forum, hope you enjoy yourself