Hey All!


The Wolf of TNE Street
Hey so I know this should've been my first post but I skipped it, sorry!Anyway, I am WolvenofGames(not real name of course). I am a 14 year old gamer, and have been gaming since I was 6 when I first got my beautiful gamecube with Super Mario Sunshine. I am from Cuba(that's why I have grammar mistakes sometimes).I am a multiplat gamer, I own a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and Wii. If anyone wants to add me on those( PSN: Wolvenine, XBL: iceehawk99, NN: Wolven)The Legend of Zelda is my favorite franchise, and one of my favorite past times is writing(other than gaming). I write fantasy stories a-la ASOIAF style, and am a fan of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc. (If any other fans out there, would love to have trivia with you! :D and I also enjoy swimming a lot. Nice meeting you all!


Welcome aboard Wolven! Hope that you enjoy the environment of a true gaming community. You are one of our younger memebers, quite a few of the guys here are alittle bit older. That dosent matter tho we enjoy new respectful posters such as yourself.

If you need anything don't hesitate to ask. The mods here are Juegomajicos, Friedshoes, Suoerfakerbros, and myself. Quite a few of the poster here are also editors for the main site.

So just sit back, relax, post and be happy it's a chill zone for the most part around here. Hope you enjoy yourself


Wolven, I just saw this now. I'm so surprised that you're 14. From your posting so far I would have assumed you're a full-grown adult. Such mature posts! Keep it up.
Never got to officially welcome you (weather wasn't good to my body this week).
Sometimes, people join the forums but forget to come back to us. Just want to say that I'm glad you like what we've done here.
So welcome!