Hey All

My name's Tim, I'm an Aquarius, I like long walks in the park, and I'm looking for love... OH sorry wrong forum ;)
But seriously, I'm part of a small two person indie game dev team from Blacksmith Software. I've always loved playing games, and some of my favourites have been from Nintendo (Mario, Zelda, FF... I could go on).
Anyway, just wanted to say hello to you all, and that I look forward to some really interesting discussions.
Have a great day! :)
Welcome to TNE! That's awesome your an indie dev, care to share what you've made at all? Hope you stick around, you'll love it here :)
Thank you Mr-Chris, Superfakerbros for the kind welcome :)
Mr-Chris we originally began by making tool apps. But we've recently moved on to games instead (much more fun!). We're planning to upload some playable demos to our website in the next few weeks, and it'd be great to get your views on them.
We'll post a link once they are up :)
Have a great day both of you!