Hey everybody

Hey guys,

MasterMasar here. Hope you all are doing well and such. I'm an avid gamer and have been for years (20+ and counting). I'm a fan of every system, though I've got my preferences of course. Aside from that, I sometimes write for SelectButton.com and I also do YouTube videos with my buddy under the name ThoseOtherGuys (I'm Player2). I'd have to say my favorite game is Earthbound and I'm a fan of playing odd, eccentric games. Think Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Steam odd. Aside from that, I'm just living the dream.

What's up with everyone else?


Welcome Master to TNE! Glad that you made your way here. We got a great thing going on here with awesome posters, great convo, and online gaming with one another.

If you need anything you can ask anyone of our mods anytime. They are @juegosmajicos , @FriedShoes , @Superfakerbros or myself Mattavelle.

Welcome to TNE again hope that you will join in here and feel at home.