Heya Everyone

Hello Everyone,
I was invited to this forum via Twitter and decided I'd give it a go.
First off, I shall quickly say (as I mentioned to the person on Twitter) I am not normally very active on forums, so if I take a while to respond etc, don't take it badly. I'm just no good at it XD.
Anyway, the name that I go by is Retz Retro, I am owner of the Retz Gaming Days YouTube channel (for retro let's plays) and owner of the Retz Gaming Days store (for selling retro games). I must admit I am more of a Sega person myself however my girlfriend Wolfie has been introducing me to a lot of Nintendo games that I am finding quite fun. She also tricked me into playing Castlevania 1 on the NES (saying it was an easy Nintendo game to Let's play. As I am sure a lot of you are aware, it is not easy lol). She has also introduced me to other games (some I have let's played, some I have not) I am quite fond of Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door and Banjo Tooie, I am also trying to get a hold of Conkers Bad Fur Day, she keeps telling me how good it is!
As is probably, painfully obvious from what I have said so far, I am a big retro fan. I own a heck of a lot of retro consoles myself and always have preferred the 90's consoles.
Not sure what else to say really, except Hi *waves*


Girlfriend tricks him into playing Castlevania = Best girlfriend ever
But seriously, welcome to the forums. Retro gaming is very much appreciated here, especially Nintendo's rich history of games, so you'll fit right in!


Even my henchmen think I'm crazy.
Welcome aboard, Retz.

You've already been indoctrinated with Castlevania. Now we have to get you into Super Metroid. ;)


Welcome to the TNE forums! Hope you join in to a true gaming community.

If you need anything you can contact one of our mods. @juegosmajicos , @Superfakerbros , @FriedShoes or myself Mattavelle.

Great to have you aboard tho welcome welcome!!
Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone :D
@Menashe - Yeah, she's definitely the best girlfriend ever, rather than having a problem with my retro gaming, she fuels it! Telling me about all these games I have to play XD
@Mike D. - Probably a silly question considering what you said but are the Metroid games any good then? Not really played any before (well, played about 5 mins on a Gba Emulator, thats about it).
@mattavelle1 - Thanks, if there is a problem I shall let someone know, I doubt there will be one though :D


All mods go to heaven.
Glad to have you here Retz. I'm envious of you, I've only ever been tricked into playing bad games, not timeless classics.
Thanks for the more welcomes everyone :D
@Laer_HeiSeiRyuu - My Twitter is @RetzGamingDays I shall update my signature with it :D
@juegosmajicos - lol, yeah Castlevania was definitely a good game but definitely not easy! The Grim Reaper and the Final boss were insanely difficult. I didn't even manage to comple the game, which is a shame. Got all the way to the end boss, got him down to one hit and then he killed me!