Hi guys!

Hi Guys, i'm Cornetto from Italy.If you want to add me on the Nintendo Network ma ID is Cornetto.I was invite to join the community from twitter and i really hope i'll have fun with everyone talking about Ninty, and all of their games.My favorite game ever is probably Earthbound which i played this summer.So much fun and joy, mixed with some tears at the end of the game, with such an epic an awesome last boss fight.P.S: with some friends i also run a Nintendo fan site exactly like Nintendo Enthusiast.P.P.S: Sorry for the bad english.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTkBBqTP_-M


Your English is fine, and as far as I know you are our first Italian member. So welcome to the TNE forums Cornetto! I hope you enjoy this little slice of awesome we have here.

If you need help in anyway please ask one of our mods for anything. They are @juegosmajicos , @Superfakerbros , @FriedShoes or myself Mattavelle.

We are extremely proud of the community we have here, and it's all due to our awesome poster we have here. So please jump in and enjoy yourself.
What a coincidence, i'm currently playing No More Heroes 2, awesome game!By the way, if i need anything i will ask administrator , and i'll do my best to contribute to the communityYeah! first Italian Member!