Hi, I'm LegatoSkyheart nice to meet you.

Hi, just like the Title says I'm LegatoSkyheart and It's a pleasure to join you all here on the Nintendo Enthusiast Forums.

I am not a stranger to internet forums since I frequent them daily, I first started out in the Mugen Free For All forums (great community, small, but great!) and I'm currently an active member of the Gamespot forums and I'm always quick to defend Nintendo in every turn over at System Wars.

I like Nintendo, I grew up with Nintendo, and I will always go for a Nintendo System First in a Generation because there's always a guaranteed game for me on every Nintendo System and I wanted to be there on Day 1.

My Favorite games for the WiiU right now are Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101.
The 3DS I absolutely LOVE Fire Emblem Awakening and Etrain Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl.

My Favorite Nintendo System though would have to be the Nintendo Gamecube, Such a Fantastic System it was just a shame I wasn't working or had knowledge of games like have today to know what the System actually had, but I Freakin' love that little purple cube and I'm still collecting games for it, It's such an awesome system.

So that's enough about me. Now it's time for me to get to know you.

Thanks for having me here everyone!
Hey there, welcome! TNE is a great site and the forums here are great too. The Gamecube was very awesome, there are still games on there I've yet to play on it. And yes FE:Awakening is a very amazing game, I'm in love with it too lol.


Welcome, Legato! If you ever need any help, just ask me, mattavelle1, juegosmajicos, or FriedShoes!
^This for sure. Other than that welcome to TNE, we are very glad to have you. Hope you enjoy posting with such an awesome group of people.