How should we handle discussion of IGN on these forums?


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If you've seen the crap that goes on in the IGN Wii/Wii-U Boards, you'd see why

I think I only went on there once, saw something like this:

...and quietly went back into suburbia where I knew I was safe.


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IGN used to be a respectible site and forum. I still go there as @Superfakerbros and @Mr-Chris will attest to, as I see them from time to time also. But lately, I've grown angry to many of the users there who continue to post the same old shit.
Back in my day when the GCN was around, the GCN General Board was an awesome board. We all had discussions and debates, but most importantly we just simply talked about the games we played and the experiences we had.
Just the other day there was a thread taking about what are the chances of Nintendo dropping the Wii U. I wouldn't say I lost my shit, but it can sometimes be difficult to show my tone in words on a forum, especially considering being rational is almost sacrilegious on the internet these days.