How to be free of intolerance and hate, maybe.


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Humanity as a whole has been defeated
by their own hate. We have already lost the fight, and it is most
likely just as much your fault as it is mine, and everyone else's.
Depending on how you ask We've ether been given the ability to think
and understand, or have developed it through millennial trial and
error. However, no matter who you ask you'll find people treasure
this ability. The ability to think is the ability to be, so it stands
to reason that the more you think and understand the better the being
you are. This holds true for many things, for example: learning. You
wouldn't want someone who doesn't think and understand how to fix
cars to fix the brakes on your car, but people are okay with not
understanding their neighbor's beliefs because they're “Stupid,
bigoted, ungodly, wrong, etc.” Yes, people can be all of these
things, but we as humans often forget that these things are not the
sum of who we are.

People don't want to understand one
another, and this is truly a shame. They'd rather hate the bigot who
doesn't like black people because they think that if he holds this
wrong idea all of his other ideas must be equally bad, stupid, and
hateful. The Problem is they're not, and people should know this
right off the bat, but they're too clouded by hate to even have a
spark of this thought without someone explaining they can to them.
How about this? That bigot now works at a children's cancer hospital,
and keeps his dislike of black people from affecting his job as much
as he can because he knows it has no place there. “But he shouldn't
have those thoughts at all, and they will still affect his work.
Think of the children!” Okay, this is all true, but you have to
consider the following as well. Nobody is perfect, and this seems
like a cop-out but it's true. Everyone does things that are wrong,
and nobody can deny that. Will it affect his work? Yes, but he's
still going to help more child lives than you at the end of the day.
If you're going to “think of the children” you have to put
helping them as the value of measure, and while this bigot is giving
them IVs, pain medication, talking to them and tell them it's going
to be okay you've at best donated $10 to cancer research. People tend
to forget the good the instant they see something bad about someone.

What about people who try to use
democracy to take away your rights? That's what the system is there
for. That's like hating Shigeru Miyamoto for making enemies in Mario
Bros. Or calling someone a bad person for fighting against you in
Street Fighter. It's not about what you want. It's about what the
masses want. It's the majority who get to decide, and this is
rightfully so. If you can't get the masses to understand your ideal
you ether have a bad ideal, or aren't explaining it properly. Gay
people didn't get this far by throwing hate at everyone they thought
was wrong, or boycotting every little thing that disagrees with their
ideals. They talked to people heart to heart, and tried to make them
understand their ideal. People have to understand that not everyone
is going to agree with them on everything, or even every important
thing. It's this difference that we should be celebrating in life. It
makes each of us who we are. I'm a homosexual, and I've grown to
understand people's views about not liking them. I don't agree with
them, but I understand them, and respect them because they're
someone's beliefs. And if you don't respect someone's ideals you have
no right talking to them about them.

It's always me, me, me.
Everything these days is “how can it help me?” Even LGBTQ
members, who should know how it feels to be bullied, oppressed, or
hated are using this mindset. This is a mindset of hate, and it's the
same one that everyone uses when they want something that benefits
them. It's always only them too. I've never seen a LGBTQ member vote
for churches to get more funding, or vice versa. When you think about
it the gay hating Christians and the Christian hating gays are one
and the same. They're a group of people who want to come together to
give people who accept them a place to learn about them and
understand them more they gain political power to set their beliefs
into law.

How could we improve? Learning and understanding
are key, and respect is a must even if you don't agree. Intolerance
and hate will always be so no matter what face they use, and people
have to notice this and learn how to stop it from others, and
themselves. People need to know that it is only through understanding
that people will be truly happy. Not laws, winning arguments, or
fighting. We have information on everything at our fingertips, and
yet our minds have been trained to reject information just because we
don't agree with it. People need to realize that they can be wrong,
or could also be going about something wrongly even if they're

I hope this will give readers some insight on how to
improve as human beings.


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So, I need to get something off my chest. I've been a little disgusted with TNE ever since I wrote this. Mainly for the lack of responce, and because I know what it means.

I know I most likely didn't express myself right. It's a very hard feeling and belief to express, so it's kinda to be exprected, but instead of discussing this I feel like you all just decided I was perfectly expressing myself, and being a malicious bigot. I just can't shake this feeling eather. That you've all started to secretly ignore, and hate me because of this, and that'd just plain disgusting, and if any of you are doing this you are part of the problem.

No one has even stepped up to ask a single question about this piece, nor to challenge it. I just can't stop the feeling of shame that I opened up to TNE, and that it's users base bas basiclly colectively told me to fuck off with silence.

I want to better myself as a person, and part of that is expressing ideas and beliefs to be challenged, and changed.
And maybe this is all in my head, but I just don't feel like I fit in anymore, and worse I've felt outcast and hated ever since writing this.

I mean, I could get the console discussion part of TNE from IGN, and it's even more active there (and I wouldn't feel hated by a lot of the user base), but I've really grown to like a lot of people here.

I dunno, should I just leave?


I know I have no ill will towards you Cyan.... We have had our moments in the past but I have never hated you nor do I wish you to leave the boards here at TNE....
Don't know exactly what all the secret hate stuff is about.... I know I don't feel that way.... And I always try to respond to people when it seems appropriate....
I can't speak for everyone here, but I can speak for myself.... I don't want you to go and I always read your posts even if I don't always respond.... As far as I'm concerned you are a part of the crew just as is everyone on these boards....
Just my 2 cents on the matter....
Same here. I don't hate you and I did see this topic, but I kind of saw it as a response to Aki64. You make some nice points, but I tend to not be in the mood to discuss certain topics (notice: there are threads here that I actually don't even enter or post in).
I also wouldn't say that we're ignoring you, but rather it seems as if you've been less active lately which is perfectly fine. You have a life. When you do post though, you're usually noticed (like the last time you posted that picture and received a lot of likes).


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Wow, and here I was expecting a war. Sorry that I was so mean in my 2nd post. It's just stress was getting to me really bad, and I forgot to take my non-crazy pills >_>
Most of my stress related issues have worked out, a big one being money, which I had $100 more than I though I did, so now I can make rent this month.

But it's no excuse. I shouldn't have acted the way I did, and compsed myself better.

I'm truely sorry. :<

(Also I've decided to hang around more, since all this was in my head apparently :) )


I always notice when you post and I always enjoy seeing your contributions. Also, I always follow your programming/designing/developing updates. That saying, I mostly lurk the boards these days because I just don't have the time to respond to anything. But I enjoy reading all the conversations. It's entertaining.


Even my henchmen think I'm crazy.
I had a whole long post ready to go on this one, but I'm glad this pretty well solved itself. Some times it helps just to get it out.

One thing I'd mention is that, yeah, sometimes it does help to leave. I did recently (although not for only one reason). I will again. Sometimes the intertoobz just aren't worth visiting for awhile. It's almost like road rage - you'll find the worst parts of both yourself and other people in an online forum. For me, at times like that, it's much more important for me to step back and get right with myself, because even if you put in damn-near saintly levels of effort, the fact is you can't be best buddies with everyone.

Be well, Cyan. And your new av freaks me out.