How to Remake Some of My Favorite FPS Games


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I was inspired to make this since Doom 3 was brought up. Since I'm a big FPS fan, the main games (aka my favorite shooters from the past decade) I would like to see remade are Doom 3, Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield + Athena Sword, Far Cry 2, and the SOCOM trilogy.

Starting with Doom 3, since it inspired this. [Also, this applies to the Rainbow Six and SOCOM titles]
- Revamped all of the weapons to function and sound like this.
- Replace the texture based smoke effects with a volumetric one (a la this) that receives shadows, light, and color.
- Adopt a physically based pipeline and redo all of the textures from scratch to support it, as opposed to the original's overuse of specular maps everywhere.
- Replace the stencil shadows with soft shadow maps a la this, which allows alpha tested objects to cast shadows.
- Enable objects scene wide to cast shadows (this was John Carmack's original ambition).
- Adopt a unified GI approach that lights dynamic and static objects the same, a la Treyarch's implementation.
- Redo the characters and enemies to support higher polygons, physically based attributes, subsurface scattering, and support tessellation and subdivision.
- Take advantage of the brush based geometry (Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare did it) and support displacement mapping for surfaces and tessellation for curvatures.
- Refractions and screen space reflections, similar to Infinite Warfare's techniques.
- Motion blur with compute shaders, vectors, and reprojection.
- Temporal supersampling.
- Volumetric lighting and fog, and lit particles.
- 1080p and 60 FPS

For Rainbow Six 3, bring over game modes from Black Arrow like Total Conquest, Retrieval and Lone Rush (supports online co-op).
- As stated, everything listed above.
- Directional sun occlusion and sun shadows.
- Use adaptive tessellation for the snow on snow levels.
- Tackle input lag in a similar manner to Treyarch/Black Ops III (Rainbow Six 3 had tons of input lag, especially on console).

For SOCOM, keep everything as is except with the graphics enhancements listed above.

For Far Cry 2, keep the simulation, remove the Malaria mechanic or make it optional, bring over the visual enhancements from Far Cry 5, remove the endlessly respawning posts, and implement mechanics that enhance realism such as the RealMode or Dylan's Realism.
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