Howdy do!

Hey everyone, how's it going? My name's Jack, I live in Western New York where I dedicate a lot of my time to gaming, especially lately with the nasty cold weather we've been getting. I've also been dabbling in writing about video games--both blogging and written reviews. I plan to write a lot more in the next year. The response has been great and there will only be more to write about!

Anyway, I play on my Wii U, PS3 and my Super Nintendo nowadays. My user ID on both consoles is the same as my ID on here if anyone wants to add me. I look forward to discussing and possibly playing games with you all!


Welcome to the TNE forums Tree. I know of one other New Yorker on the forums aswell, it's always great to have more writers / gamers. For the main site and the forums are intertwined with one another. Sometimes the forum writing ends up on the main site.

If you need anything you can contact 1 of our mods at anytime. They are @juegosmajicos , @FriedShoes , @Superfakerbros or myself Mattavelle.

Join in and enjoy yourself here. We are very proud of the forums as well as the main site.