Howdy Enthusiasts!

Hi there!
I'm super new to the Nintendo Enthusiast community, so let me know if I'm doing it wrong. Here goes:

My name is Cody Diefenthaler and I make games, among other things. I'm working on a title for Wii U I'd love to share and get your opinion and feedback on it. You seem like a thoughtful bunch, so I decided to join the discussion you're having here.

I found the Meet the Developers sub, so I'll post more info there. Thought I'd just say hi!

A little about me: I live in Tallahassee, FL. I have a wonderful partner and 2yo spud. I've toured the US with punk/thrash/metal bands several times. I write zines about random stuff. I make eLearning products for various state agencies. And I have a twitter:

Looking forward to the community!


All mods go to heaven.
Welcome chudchud! If you need any mod-related help, you can tell me, @mattavelle1, @FriedShoes, or @Superfakerbros.

I look forward to seeing your game. We have a section specifically for developers to post threads related to their games, so when you post about it, please post it there:

We also have a Community Thread, which is where most of our regulars interact with one another regularly, so make sure to check that out: