Hydroadventure: Spin Cycle releases this week for Europe!


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I never played the Wiiware game, but I did play the demo and thought it was a great idea. I don't think I wanted to purchase the Wiiware title as I just didn't get along with the Wiiware system, but the eshop makes it a lot easier.

Also there's a discount on Metroid II which is pretty tempting.
This will be awesome! Love the WiiWare game! And no, J, I don't think it's out in NA yet either.

Looking at the screens it seems as if they've adapted some kind of water drop mascot in Spin Cycle, and I'm not too happy about that. I was actually very pleased with how the original game never showed a character as such during gameplay. You were a pool of water, and that was that. Not that I'll be complaining about this once I start splashing around in the new levels. I hope they've got the same composer working on the game. Adored the theme song from the first game.


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"juegosmajicos" wrote: Is this out in NA already? I don't think so, but I may be wrong.
Europe: Winners (this time...)

I was trying to think of the name of the Wiiware title. It's Fluidity, right?

It is! And hjort you're right, it does seem that the water is now a character.


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It's strange how they change the name for PAL territories, like they did with Pullblox/Pushmo. Ah well.

I think the characters/mascots will be a good addition, but I agree I did kind of like just being my own puddle in the demo for Fluidity. All the motion in that video was a bit dizzying though!
Ok, I've tried the first two missions just now, and I have to backpeddle on my criticism. While I do think it's cooler that the water didn't have a personality of its own in the original game, Eddy -- as the water spirit is called -- is pretty cute.

The artwork in the levels is very sweet so far too. It has the same general style as the first game, but feels much more like a storybook this time around, and the graphics are sharp and pleasant to look at. There is no 3D, as you all probably know, but while the general art style would have looked great in stereoscopic 3D, it would have been impossible to pull that off in a good way since you tilt and turn the system so much. The tilting works great, btw. Very responsive and intuitive. The game has ditched the whole open-ended collectathon aspects of the original -- something I was very fond of -- but these shorter levels work much better in a handheld game, and you can go back to get better rankings if you feel like it.

So far this is very, very sweet.

"Mdesilva" wrote: When is this out in the states?
I think you can look forward to it on Decemer 27th, unless that has changed.


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Yeah, I've played the first 4 levels ow and it seems like it's gonna be a great game
I don't mind either way about the story/characters, but throwing that water around is gonna be jolly good fun. I actually discovered a secret in one of the levels, I think. Accidentally flung myself against a wall, which turned out to be a fake wall! It occurred to me that I hadn't seen the secret fake wall trick in a game in a loooong time. I really liked that.

I also got the impression that it's going to get difficult. I didn't get 5 star ratings on every level I tried, as they're ranked on time and water collected/lost. Hopefully I'll get more time to play it tomorrow.
I got started on the third world earlier, and so far every single level has been really sweet. The only thing I don't quite like is how all the levels that let you tilt 360 degrees have the black/purlple visual themes, but I guess that's simply because the game has spoiled me with pretty and varied settings in all the other levels. So, it's not exactly an objective point of criticism, and even if I get the feeling of having seen the general style before, the gameplay and level layout always feels new and interesting.

The game does get challenging for sure. Most of the levels I try right now give me a 3 star rating, and not by a big margin. Even going back to the very first world to find all the hidden puzzle pieces and get the full 5 stars requires a bit of effort. In some cases I had to search the level for hidden water supplies, but that also meant I had less time solving the puzzles and getting to the exit in time. Felt pretty rewarding to get top ranking on all of the first world's levels, but it kind of makes me fear the later ones.
MWAHAHAHA! I will ruin your life, one game recommendation at a time.

But hey, at least you will have a good time on your way to ruin.