I'm a Fake Guy Gamer


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I'm a fake nerd as well. I stream awful League of Legends gameplays on Twitch with my dick hanging out so I can make money off of sad, overweight girls who still live with their parents; they're only watching me for the shaft. Additionally, I play World of Warcraft and get free items from girls in hopes that they'll have sex with me.

I frequent forums full of sex starved beta females who hate men but still ask me to post usersign pics & PM nudes constantly.


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So, whats the point of this thread?
To make a twist on generally moronic stereotypes while also showing how cringeworthy it sounds when flipped around, and to show that such accusations need to die out. I'm basically making a statement because I'm smart & deep.

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Replacing my image with a more family friendly one.

+Invisible in a snow storm
-You know she ain't gonna fuck you for this, right?

Those lines are all I wanted to keep anyway, lol.