Influential people in gaming for 2015.


Who was the most influential people in the gaming industry this year?

For myself personally My gaming habits have changed more to games I can play for a super long time that are fun and easy to get into for the most part.

My answer would be the directors and producers of the MH series and Splatooner have been the most influential on my own gaming for 2015.

What about you guys? We will be compiling everyone's answers for a "most influential people for 2015 in gaming" article. So have fun with it. :mthumb:


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I definitely think this year, the game that changed the rules deserves a lot of recognition, so I would say the team behind Splatoon.

They changed how people look at shooters. The constant free adds to the game. I could go on and on and on.
I played some great games this year, but no game captured me the way Splatoon did.


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For me personally, I don't know.

For the industry I think Nintendo as a toy-to-life maker, they're influential now. Even 3rd parties now want a piece of amiibo market.

As a developer, I'd say Kojima. The guy delivered what people have been calling one of the best metal gear and now the guy is free. Companies will kill to work with Kojima now. They're surely listening to this guy.

As a console maker, Sony.

An influential game? I don't know. I don't think there was nothing really influential this year. Splatoon is a brilliant shooter, but I don't think it's influential because nobody in the industry give a damn about it and I don't think other shooters will copy Splatoon.

I'd say the same about Smash. It's the best fighting game out there, but it's a one and only case in the industry.


Sakurai. This is a man who makes dreams come true, makes the impossible happen. Hardworking as fuck too. This whole Smash DLC experiment has been a great success. Sure, I believe the pricing could be better but supportinga game for that much longer is appreciated dedication.
I also really like his stance on DLC, which I think is the general Nintendo stance on it, which is to develop and deliver a complete game and then, after all is said and shipped, start looking into crafting new content for the game.


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I suppose you could make an argument for Koji Igarashi.

There have certainly been Kickstarter-funded games before, but Igarashi-san is a major games industry talent, and this is a guy who left Konami last year so he could fulfill his vision as a gaming auteur through crowd funding (and man, the crowd certainly responded).