Interview with Denis Dyack : What do you want to ask?


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As a way to prep for E3, I am reaching out to developers, artists, and designers asking for interviews. I was messaged on Facebook by Denis Dyack of Eternal Darkness fame (after reaching out to him) that he would grant me an interview after E3 is over! So, I figured since I will be helping rep the TNE crowd I wanted to know what you would want to ask him?

My main focus on this interview will be relating to his influences (artistic, philosophical, gameplay elements, etc...), his relationship with Nintendo, his new company, and upcoming games (especially Shadow of the Eternals.)

So, this is where I open the forum to you. I would like to pick a few questions that you, the Nintendo Enthusiast, send in! Or, you can make a suggestion! So, drop in these things below and when the interview goes live I'll make sure to mention and quote your questions.
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When he made ED did he expect it to be a huge hit? Or was he thinking it was always be cult status with very loyal fans?

What was his personal favorite character, and storyline in ED?

Would he be upset since Nintendo owns the rights to ED if they made it without his input?


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Great stuff so far gents. Keep it up!

@SkywardCrowbar I hope he does do would be epic. I go back and play ED every few years and would love to have an HD one to dig into.

@mattavelle1 great stuff. I think my favorite character was the doctor because the autopsies really opened up the depth of the game by allowing you to really research the monsters you were fighting.

@Koenig I remember him stating that Shadow of the Eternals will be episodic. It will be interesting to see if that still is going to be what happens.

@thekiller7 Yes...agreed..I want this nao!


why are you a fucking psychopath? Do you really attribute your failure to launch a campaign with gaming journalists?
These arent serious questions, I do think he's legitimately insane.


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I will say that I plan on having this interview focus more on the future of his games and influences mostly because I find that he has been ran through the ringer about his failures in the past by the internet pretty thoroughly as it is. I am trying to run this review to be fairly positive rather than having a more "gotcha" style.

I do think I will try to address that the gaming industry does seem to have a hard time dealing with his past failures and has lost a lot of trust. I would like to have him tell those of you that are die-hard anti-Dyack folks why they should look at his new stuff.

I think a lot of what killed that Kickstarter was a combination between his past issues with Silicon Knights on Too Human and X-men but also that one of his writers was arrested for being a pedophile. Seeing as Dyack wasn't brought in he should have no relation to it and was incredibly unfortunate that the entire project had to suffer for that sicko.

@TheAmazingLSB thanks for the post. I'll check it out when I get home later. I've seen some of his interviews in the past but right now I'm in research mode so I don't essentially cover ground that has already been covered. This should be a good resource.



I have always been one of his biggest supports regardless of all of that....

Eternal Darkness and Too Human are two of my favorite games of all time so....

I'm just saying, good luck....

I played the hell out of Too Human.... Miss playing it greatly....
I like Eternal Darkness.

I REALLY liked eternal Darkness. And Legacy of Kain... And for things I like, I can hold out a long time, constructively critisize (Out of pure love of course) and be a rock and an island....

But this... This here. Im going to have to cut my losses. Thank you Dyack, and whatevers left of silicon knights that hasnt gone to jail for child molestation, wherever they are....for those. But this is a path I choose not to continue, I have no questions, I don't think I want to hear the answers from todays Dyack anyways.


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That was one writer from his staff on Shadows of the Eternals, not the team en masse. Also, that person wasn't in Silicon Knights. (Looks like I was super wrong on that last part...)
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That was one writer from his staff on Shadows of the Eternals, not the team en masse. Also, that person wasn't in Silicon Knights.
Yes, he was a part of Silicon knights, he was an incredibly important part of Silicon knights. He was directly responsible for some really great things in series like Legacy of Kain and Eternal darkness.

You can see for yourself it was Kenneth McCulloch:

That being said, the reference was to wish the best of luck to everyone from silicon knights who WASN'T arrested on the charges, which is everyone except Ken, and not at all to suggest or imply involvement from any others. I Should have replaced 'Anyone' with 'Everyone', I think that would have made it more clear.


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Huh, interesting. I didn't realize he was involved with the first one. Looks like I need to get into researching others involved in his staff.