Introduce Yourself: Tytygh Edition


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Hello fellow Nintendo Enthusiasts, my name is tytygh. I run a YouTube channel by the same name as well as a Nintendo news site (but much smaller than this one) and have loved Nintendo since I can remember. My very first home console was a GameCube. Truthfully, though, it wasn't mine, but my older sister's, who got it for Christmas. Every morning from December 26th - January 1st me and my two sisters would take turns playing Animal Crossing and handling the villager's assignments. Two years later, I received a silver Game Boy Advance SP for my birthday bundled with a port of Super Mario World. Over time, my parents got me the rest of the classic NES ports and I thought Nintendo was really fast at making games, as I didn't know they were ports at the time. When my parents ran out of Mario ports to give me, they got me Super Mario Sunshine. Me and one of my sisters loved the game, although we still haven't managed to get past the Sierra Beach level with the manta rays to this day. Of course, like 150 million others, I got the DS. Me and my sister loved playing New Super Mario Bros. Mario vs. Luigi mode and drawing pictures of our dogs with Pictochat. That's about as far as I'll get into my long childhood of Nintendo, but know that I have much love for the Kyoto-based company and all that they do.


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