I've seen some things. War stories from other communities.


We all come from somewhere, and it's lead us here for whatever reason. My forum birthplace is IGNs Nintendo lobby. After many many years of miss management and a smothering of people's voices I defected here to TNE and was allowed to manage the community here.

I'll post my own war stories later. TNE as a whole is a place of healing, and coming together as a community to meet new people who may have had similar experiences in life to me.

Let's let this be a place were we can share our war stories from our home community's. It's ok to be upset about the way things are handled in other places because nobody likes to come home and see crap on the floor of the living room. But let's not let that stop us from letting this be a place to vent and heal.

Ultimately we hope this becomes a safe haven, a place you respect and don't wanna have crap in the floor. So lets let the healing begin.

Where are you from? And what atrostites have you seen?


I come from a time on IGN Lobby when it was really an amazing time to be posting. I learned from the greats (and cussing was not allowed at the time so you had really well thought out post) these were the people who molded me as far as posting was concerned.

Really all in all we had things really good up until the Wii and that marked the birth of the troll in the Wii Lobby. Really there haddent been those type of posters before I around that community. The (in)Famous Dr. Tre was really one of the first but he was kinda a fence rider in that one day we was overly pro Nintendo, the next he was jumping down people's throats about them. I got into it the biggest with Tre when I beat his ass in Brawl and he went back to the lobby touting a victory. It was shortly after that, that IGN starting makin people mods left and right. But the trolls worked in the grey areas of the TOS so hard that it was easier to either ban the people feeding the trolls, or like many of us did we retreated to the CT. But had we not TNE might not have been born.

The real straw that ravaged our community there was an editor named Matt Cassaminna wrote and article called "Nintendo is lazy and you don't care". Now many might not remember the Great War of the IGN Bot that I faught in the front lines against but the bastard Bot brought that article to our lobby. Pissed us off something awful.

A very bright poster and reg named Indy86 was in there really refuting to a tee Matts claims. The editor who never came to the board but very rarely came into that Bot there, argued with Indy then perma banned him. That was it, the moment when my home community after 9 years or so had a nuke dropped on it.

The Nintendo general board @Shoulder had a mass exodus and there leader Zero started Negative World forums. It was a ghost town in the GB. For us in the lobby thankfully @Menashe @EvilTw1n and @juegosmajicos had really been working hard on TNE here. So I made the switch.

From there I was so happy here and to have a place to be totally free with the friends I had made. I started my own plan to take as many of the great posters from IGN as possible. It was called "Operation : Fuk IGN" (I was also bitter as hell). What I did was compile a list of the best of the best (54 posters) and I hand wrote each one a PM inviting them here. Many came and many stayed. To this day I still search IGN for new great posters but since the forums there are broke on Mobil I haven't seen my alerts of PMs for it seems like years.

Everytime there is unhappiness in the land of IGN I always try and take advantage and get as many people here as possible of there best posters. I do this so that my guys here have more people to interact with and also have more games to play with other people. Really form friendships like we all have done that's the sole purpose of this place.

I've talked to Andrew over at Negative World and have proposed to take over there while community just for the reasons I posted above.

Just sitting here thinking back y'all remember when Sol was our biggest troll at the lobby. OH OH OH and after Dr. Tre we got the ultimate beast in @Majorbuddah ? What a nightmare IGN has been at certain times for years and years. Even today there dealing with the same things we all did so long ago.


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I've been on internet gaming forums since about 1998 or so...

The first real community I participated in heavily was the og Nintendo NSider forum. That place is the only exception that I used a different username than my normal "isturbo." I was known as C_T_P. Real og. I left before it was closed down. But gimme a shutout if you are an og member. But I ended up leaving because i couldn't stand the fanboyism. Any and all non-Nintendo topics were considered spam and off-topic... unless you were trash talking them.--Then it was okay. I made my decision to never go back when a mod banned me temporarily for making a thread about a third party game also on Nintendo (I think it was Dead to Rights on the GCN).

Then I made my IGN and GameSpot accounts around 2006 or so. I floated around between a lot of places in that time. Eventually I made my home on the Official Xbox Forums. Again, I couldn't stand the fanboyism. I made an account on the Official PSN boards as well and hopped between them. It was finw for a while... but I ended up leaving both places again because I couldn't stand the fanboyism. I made the off-topic board over on the Xbox forums the official third party gaming board, lol. Apparently that was too "off-topic" for even a board witht he same name. Who'woulda'thunk'it?

Eventually I went back to my IGN account because it wasn't platform specific. I thought it was great. Nintendo, PC, Playstation and Xbox... all under one roof. Nope. That place was even worse than the previos places. Each board pretended like the others were separate forums entirely. Or worse--that they didnt even exist in some cases. It was so fucking bizarre. Even the moderators had a seperate set of rules that governed each forum. Made the decision to never go back as well. GameSpot... lol, I never even stuck around too long to call that place home. It is one of the most hostile place on the internet. That SW board, jesus.

This is my last stop. Maybe my opinions and the way I post is a relic of the past. I like organic conversation, meaningful posts, and engaging and informative threads. I hate one-liners and posters who refuse to post outside of a CT. If this place doesnt work out, I'm probably going to call internet gaming forums at quits for good. But TNE has been great so far. :)
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Well, I don't have any major war stories but I do have a real disdain for IGN as a website. I was around back in the days of dial-up modems and black backgrounds with white text for gaming sites. I mostly kept an eye on the news which would happen at 5 o'clock and not on a 24 hour cycle like it is now.

I joined the IGN forums on a whim and never really participated. When I did participate I never really had replies about anything because I guess my post count wasn't high enough. Also, the whole idea of a necro'd thread bothered me. If I want to talk about something relevant that I missed out on in the past, why can't we bring back a dead thread? You can do that here!

Eventually I realized that the news seemed to flow more on the IGN boards than on the actual website. The heads of n64.com eventually gave way to other people who didn't care as much as they began to make IGN the mega-group it is now. Nothing wrong with that but they sort of alienated their core. The Nintendo Enthusiast.

I reached out to Matt Cassaminna and he essentially told me they didn't report news because they didn't make money on it. I refuted this fact stating that nobody will go to their website if they don't report anything but that fell on dead ears. They also have skewed the gaming industry to be very anti-Nintendo in general in pursuit of bigger deals from Sony and Microsoft to push their games. That is the main reason why I don't go there anymore. They don't love gaming anymore unless they are paid for it.

As far as other forums, I have been on nintendojo.com's forums in the past also and liked it there. It seemed quite a bit more mature than IGN and more personable. My other favorite site was Nintendorks.com for the way they wrote news articles with humor but never really got into their forums, but man did I love their IRC chat! Nintendo Enthusiast is like the perfect mix of everything I want! News, personable forums, and a friggin' chat!

Outside of Nintendo gaming I have a background in forums but more as a comic artist. I would run comics for The Dead Hamster (a quazi-unofficial-yet-really-kinda-official Lionhead Studios site/forum) for about 90 comics and mostly just chat with people who enjoyed it. I think we ran upwards of 500,000 views and it was a grand old time. I stopped when I started my student teaching and haven't been involved in the gaming industry since.

Here, however, TNE has taken some of my posts and put them online and actively ask for content. It is such a breath of fresh air to have a group of people that actually appreciate what we do as a community and don't treat us as a necessary evil like IGN does.

I'm looking forward to chatting with all these new folks that are coming from IGN. This is a better place. It's different, but in a good way. It's like the IGN that finally made it past puberty and got to its 21st birthday. Sure, I look back at my days on IGN with rose colored glasses but I didn't really do anything there worth remembering. We have work as community to do! So, let's toast to the future of the glorious TNE Revolution!

Cheers all you noobs!



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I didn't join IGN until I'd gone to university, I think. Before that, most of my foruming was in forums about game development. I don't remember why I joined - I probably stumbled across someone being wrong on the internet, and just couldn't bare to let it go unchecked.

I had fun there for a couple of years, but got tired of wave after wave of the same repeated posts. And slowly, with time, I felt that the quality of the community was really degrading.

[ solitanze_smiley.gif]

When the gang started this place up, I thought it would be neat to help out, so I did what I could. More recently, school and now work have dragged me away, but I still have warm fuzzies.


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I used to be in a site called Nintendolife at around a few years ago I think. I really love the way the whole section was about solely Nintendo and posting articles about other things besides Nintendo like the Master system, genesis etc.

In the first few years, things were really fun to hang out here. People were friendly and I felt I was great there. Sometimes I'd get angry and talk about death and whatnot and while I know that's partly my fault, part of that anger comes from some posts in there which get me angry.

Then....one day, there is a thread called 3DS eshop recommendations. When I asked what other Nintendo games I can get, this user called Jump mocked at me and said why not try out third parties and when I stated my reasons for not getting third party games, he then mocked at me saying that you're narrow minded and then alongside other posts that said the same thing that they hate people who simply prefer Nintendo games against other third parties.

Then as I got to express more of my unpopular opinions where I didn't like this and that and then when I said that you buy Nintendo consoles to get Nintendo games, that's when the community started flaking me.

If I'm concerned about something, I get flaked at that. If I get angry at that something, I get flaked at that. Clearly, my opinions are not expressed and taken for granted as opinions.

Then finally, I saw a thread called Nintendoom, which is to talk doom and gloom about Nintendo all day long. That kind of thing really ticked me off because there is doom and gloom for third parties even. So I made a thread for third parties gloom and doom and when I made a warning to that mod who made such a thread about Nintendo, that's when I got banned.

So yeah, Nintendolife may be a fine site, but their rules are very strict and the still lack in features that every forum site has like basic tools for editing posts.