Japanese Games That I/You Really Wish Would Come to the U.S.


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Thank goodness the pictures showed up again. The title explains itself, I don't need to explain it. I name mine and you name yours.
PlayStation Portable

n.net/gamespot/images/box/0/9/3/618093_193811_front.jpg" height="665" width="389">




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ge.gamespotcdn.net/gamespot/images/box/1/4/0/197140_14377_front.jpg" height="361" width="377">Note: Doom's Japanese Saturn release is not the same as the bad U.S. version. It's made by a different developer, is feature/content rich (has co-op and all of Doom 1 & 2's episodes), and looks great. It also runs decently.

[hr]PlayStation 2

dn.net/gamespot/images/box/4/9/2/583492_24410_front.jpg" height="556" width="394">

SCEA didn't allow the PS2 version to be released in the U.S. because they thought it looked "too old". I love PlayStation/Sony, but that was a move that screamed 'ignorant cunt'.

You can buy the definitive Xbox Live Arcade version, which uses Xbox Live for online multiplayer.

[hr]Xbox 360

src="http://image.gamespotcdn.net/gamespot/images/box/2/9/2/605292_178127_front.jpg" height="574" width="406">


While I could post box arts for PS1 titles, there are three videos that cover them for me. I really want to finish this thread, so videos it is.



[hr]Nintendo DS

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[hr]PlayStation Vita


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You need to start a 3DS list.

Oh Caladrius
Starting right now. However, I'm gonna go to bed soon. Expect it to be up when it's done. /Valve'd

EDIT: It's done. Now I need to do N64, Dreamcast, [strike]DS, & Vita[/strike] games.
That's a very wide spectrum of Japan-only games you have covered. I enjoyed scrolling through this blog just to see all the different box covers.

Out of that list I'm most interested in Dragon Quest VII. It looks like it has the old school heart combined with the modern touches offered in Sentinels of the starry skies.


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I gotta give you the slow applause just for assembling all of that... =D> That said, that's a pretty crazy wishlist for one person. I'm curious why you'd want all of that localized? I'm guessing you'd never have the time to play through even half of it, and if your interest is in collecting - the Japanese imports are still there. Don't get me wrong, I get the appeal, I scrolled that list and saw the beautiful cover art with dozens of titles that individually I could excited about the prospect of trying, but overall? I'd never scratch the surface. Some of those I'd be more interested in seeing the series begin to get localized, or continue localization going forward, rather than worrying so much about the back catalogue. We'd realistically need an open culture not locked behind intellectual property walls to allow a slow game of hobbyists to get fan translations and roms out for download - because I don't see a likely business model that's ever going to deliver all of that. Maybe, maaaaybe something like Crunchyroll could contemplate a digital download service that localized some of these types of games.

Sadly nothing Macross will likely ever see the official release light of day in North America again, apparently owing to an insanely bad deal signed in the 80's with a company that has no interest in localizing anything in the series, but will definitely try to extort an exorbitant fee from anyone who does. A Macross Plus anime OAV DVD was slipped under the radar in the late 90's, but odds are that's going to be all she wrote for that franchise on our shores. Basically unless the existing intellectual property legal framework is drastically amended or scrapped.

What a list though. On the cover art alone there's some intriguing RPG's and mecha games I'd love to find out more about and probably even try in a few instances.

There's one game though that I really think should be newly localized, a la N64 Sin & Punishment, and put up on the Virtual Console to correct a nearly 20 year old injustice:

Seiken Densetsu 3
... or what should have been Secret of Mana 2
, to the rest of us. The audience is there, modest as it may be these days, and by all accounts this game is fantastic, apparently it is every bit as good as Secret of Mana, some even believe better. My brother played this with a fan translation (Secret of Mana is pretty much his favourite game of all time) and he was stunned by how great it was.


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I can't read Japanese, and a lot of these games are story oriented. As such, I'd be totally lost. However, professional releases aren't the only options nowadays. There are always fans who are willing to translate games, but those aren't always perfect and I do like to support efforts with actual money.

As for the cover arts, they're beautiful. That's one of the reasons why I created this thread. They're full of color and have amazing art. I like clicking on this thread just to see the cover artwork sometimes.


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One of my favorite topics, I've had a great time playing many games that have never seen the light of day over here, like Chaos World for the Famicom. It is a shame that Aeon Genesis is the only way to play such a game in English. I think that you nailed a good amount of interesting games that I would like to see come over here. I do hope to see a Far East of Eden game make it, along with that Action-RPG Legend of Heroes type game, Shining Hearts, Summon Night X, there are so many that interest me. What I had hoped to see, for the Virtual Console, were large helpings of newly localized games like, perhaps, Romancing Saga II for the Super Famicom.

I like to be an optimist, sure there's a ton of non-localized or fan translated video games out there, but they will get an English translation sometime in the future, whether by a company or by fans of such a thing.
I love this post. Seriously. Here's what I would love to have had when the SNES was still a current-gen console:

Bahamut Lagoon is a wonderful Strategy RPG that would warm the hearts of most Strategy RPG lovers.
It's very reminiscent of games like Fire Emblem and FFTA, but what I most love about it is the perfect blend of strategy and RPG parts. You've got your normal strategy map overworld as in every other strategy game, but as soon as you attack a unit, you enter an RPG-style battle screen where you have your four characters that belong to the unit you were moving and suddenly feel like you're in a game like Golden Sun or others.
There are wonderful intersections where you get to run around on your airship, feed your dragons and equip your party or simply just get to talk to characters and NPCs.

I know there's a very well working fan-translation of this game out there, but damn, why did we not get this at all? And before people bash me: yes, there's been a version of it on the Virtual Console for a while now, but that's not my point! We could've had this so much earlier. :/
So... was anyone here so dedicated to the Jap games he just kinda started learning Japanese like me? Would have never done that with out all these Region Release Mambo-Jambo


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Oh yeah, Criminal Girls for Vita.

Mind Zero is coming to the U.S..
So... was anyone here so dedicated to the Jap games he just kinda started learning Japanese like me? Would have never done that with out all these Region Release Mambo-Jambo
Spanish is hard enough as it is.


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This thread is too awesome to let slip down, it's definitely @GaemzDood 's magnum opus.

With the next 4th gen Monster Hunter, and everything Atlus is working on coming over, my present desire is focused on Azure Striker Gunvolt, Puyo Puyo Tetris and Flipnote Studios (was this effectively killed with Swapnote?). Sometimes it's the simple things.
An English version of the Silent Hill Play Novel would make my life a ton easier.

Trying to translate that game is an absolute pain in the b-hind. Damn thing has Kanji even Japanese people don't know


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Can somebody get rid of DanganRonpa? It's in the U.S.. Mind Zero and Tales of Hearts R are also coming to the U.S., so if you could edit those out, that would be great.