Little Inferno review: The poem.


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Themightyme's written review of the game was excellent, and featured more interesting writing and references than a vast majority of the professional media. Great work! I was going to put my hand up for that review, but I had a different direction in mind. I'm glad it went to him, everything worked out great.

After playing through Little Inferno a while back, i had this ridiculous idea for doing a review as a reading of a poem. I was a huge fan of World Of Goo, loved the humour and the dark subtext, and find this game to be right up there in terms of quality of experience.

Anyway, check this out, and let me know what you think:

Note: All solution and story spoilers are avoided. A few items in the second catalogue are revealed, but i deliberately went to early game footage to spare everyone. Also, small warning: I haven't written a poem since i was last forced to in highschool, thirteen years ago! :D


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We have like 2 or 3 other Cubits videos waiting, too. I've been meaning to publish them for quite a while.