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Started back to work briefly this weekend on Asteroid Challenge. This week is going to be a catch up week to try to get back on schedule. I'm focusing on creating all the boss battles starting with the finale and then going back to fill in the levels in between that are incomplete. So far so good. The final boss is something very unexpected and very cool. I still have plans to do a video showing the retro graphics modes and a behind-the-scenes video of creating a level as well. Those might happen this week.
Update on Asteroid Challenge. My artist is nearly complete with some game play area user interface graphics. Just a few more tweaks and I'll be able to put them in-game and show some screenshots and/or videos. I have also licensed the official music tracks to be used in the game and future videos will be showing some of those off. Progress on final core game elements are coming along nicely. I'm just about where I want to be in order to make a dev video.


Hey... It's a me! A custom title!
Hi Tommy!

I'm currently working on a video featuring all upcoming Wii U games. Can I ask you screenshots or footage of all your upcoming games?
I know two of your games are on Indie DB, but I wasn't able to download the video.

I'm also sending you a private conversation so you are able to send me stuff there, or ask me my email address.
I don't know what kind of game making talent we have in this community or who might know someone who has game making talent, but I just put out a recruiting notice on the Unity forums for our soon to be revealed game. I'm posting the link here for two reasons. First, there is some spoiler information about what this game is going to be and second, maybe someone here qualifies or knows someone who qualifies.
Sorry for the delay. My computer was rendering light for a game scene and it ended up pretty much locking up and I couldn't do anything for the past hour and a half. I didn't get all I wanted to show today, but I don't want to disappoint so here is a little mini reveal of our top secret game in development. Introducing Scions of Chaos:

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We just launched a short-term funding campaign for Scions of Chaos: prologue in order to try to raise the funds to pay off our Nintendo Dev Kit and cover some initial costs. I didn't initially want to do a funding campaign, but we find ourselves in a tough bind and we need a little help. If we are blessed to raise more than what we need for the dev kit and initial costs then it will be put to good use.

Edit: I've reduced the costs for perks to make it easier for backers to get a copy of the finished game and access to beta, alpha, and prototype testing.
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For anyone who has visited the Scions of Chaos: Prologue Indiegogo campaign, I've once again restructured the perks to give everyone more for a lot less contribution. The only perks that haven't changed are the digital game download and the lowest contributor level. PC Beta access now starts at just $25.
With the Scions of Chaos: Prologue campaign underway, I've gotten back to playing catch up on Asteroid Challenge. I worked hard over the weekend to get things moving forward and made very good progress. Aside from a crazy issue where my anti-virus quarantined one of my Unity plugins, things went rather well. I anticipate having a full working game, minus some of the bosses and minus polish/bug fixes, by November 15th. At that point I'll just be focusing on finalizing the bosses, fixing bugs, and polishing the game for the best/smoothest experience. Aside from that, I need to finish the eManual as well as insuring I've complied with all the correct specifications for release on the Wii U. I'm tempted to predict a release time-frame, but experience tells me to just remain silent on that for now.