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So I'm remaking the Majestic Assault battle engine, and I need some feedback on some thoughts.

First, how to play:
To move you hold down the left mouse button, and swipe the direction you want to go.
Dice: at the start of each turn you select your defense, than attack dice.
DEF: Negate damage equal to that amount on every attack.
ATK: Used to activate your cards by paying the card's cost value.
Which will be - Name [Cost]

To use a card you just click on it.

Here's the latest build:

-Now for my idea, and why I want feedback-
I plan on making a "Time Trail RPG" where you basically try to finish the game in the best time. To do this I'm going to remove all the random elements (Dice, and Cards) and replace them with Attacks. Attacks will be used just like Cards are, but you'll only have 3, and have access to all of them at all times.

Here is where I'm not sure what to do:

a) I make it so you can only use a attack a set number of times a turn. I.E. (Power Shot x3, Missile x1).
b) I Make it so you start each turn with a set number of Attack points, and they get regenerated each turn. This would be a lot like the current card system.
c) Make it so you can use any attack any time, but each attack has a cooldown.

Please try my build, give feedback, and let me know which one out of a,b or c sound the best.