Medley Studio: devs of Super Plexis, a Tetris Attack-inspired indie game

Hi guys, we're Medley Studio! Gabe speaking here, the artist/designer of the team, with Andrew, our lead engineer/programmer.

We've been working on our first game Super Plexis with the mission of bringing back what we loved about classic puzzle games. Tetris Attack was our starting inspiration, but we also felt like challenging the status quo of modern puzzle games (which are stuck in the mobile "free to play" trap) by reintroducing the things we loved about retro puzzle games. Puzzle games should be both fun and challenging, either alone or with friends, in a way that lets you build up your skill.

If you're familiar with puzzle games on the SNES, then you'll feel right at home with our game! If not, you can head on over to our Kickstarter page where you can get more backstory and introductions ( ). We launched a Kickstarter to fund our next big step in development: the transition to multi-platform. We have a functioning beta on the App Store (iOS only for now) as our proof of concept if you'd like to try it out! Android is coming next, but we're also aiming to build a version for the Nintendo Switch (and beyond!)

If you'd like more information or have any questions about what we're up to, we'll respond to comments here (or @medleystudio on twitter). Hope to see some of you online in matchmaking!