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Miitomo is finally out and I've probably played it too much already. I noticed that we don't have a home for Miitomo as it isn't a console game or a 3DS game, so I figured I would put it in Multi-Platform!

Feel free to share your QR code for the game to add friends here! Also, let everyone know what you think about the game and maybe share some moments from Miitomo that you enjoy!


Add me! (I think this is how you add people that aren't on your Facebook and Twitter) View attachment 2989
No, you need a facebook or twitter.

Here's mine @thetetrodox
I have too many mutual friends that it eats up Twitter friends so it might be tough to add any of you guys. I have Juegos, ASuch and SJMartin on deck.

Also, no censorship on Miitomo, so apologies in advance for things either I say or things you will read in responses.


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I haven't used Twitter since September 2014, but i need dem platinum points for Twilight Princess Picross, so here we go with Miitomo...

EDIT: I have followed Alex, Fried, Travis, MightyMe, Weeman, and SJ. Hit me up guys so I can get some Miitomo friends...
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More fun with MiiFoto with pics from New Orleans!


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Oh man, your pictures are so much better than mine! :p I've gotta get into the decals...

I added a bunch of people to my twitters, but do they only pop up for friend requests in miitomo if you're mutually following?

My twit is CubitsTNE


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I love this one. The background, pose, and facial expression were all automatic, I just added the small puff.



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Miitomo is getting updated. It might be what @EvilTw1n was waiting for.
"Other methods" better include Nintendo's own damn ID system. How NNID and Miiverse weren't the first accounts linked into Miitomo blows my mind. I hope they get it right, because I'm getting to the point of "why am I playing this when I could be level grinding in P&D?" with this whole thing.