Miyamoto: Nintendo Staying with Dedicated Gaming Machines

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Miyamoto: Nintendo Staying with Dedicated Gaming Machines

In a recent interview with Edge, Shigeru Miyamoto talked about the importance of Nintendo creating dedicated gaming hardware for its users. He emphasized the importance of unique hardware in order to create innovative software experiences and re-emphasized the fact that Nintendo software simply would not work on other hardware.

“As I said before, there...


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Stubborn old man Miyamato, "Get these stupid casual kids off my lawn! They shouldn't be inside on their tablets with some stupid pop the bubble 'free' game trying to rip you off and steal your contacts. They should be fighting giant three-headed snakes with turnips or riding on a hungry dinosaur that spits out fire after eating red things! Where is the creativity in bubble pop crush 2.0? Hell, half of the reasons anyone uses a tablet or PC for gaming is to steal games we made 20 years ago! Filthy casuals and pirates, now that they are not buying what we catered to them cause we can't compete with 'free' lets get back to our real rice and fish...gamers!"


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Miyamoto has in some respects reminded me of Master Splinter: He always gets what he wants, and tends to influence others on how to do things. It's sort of my way or the highway type of mentality. Perhaps it's a cultural thing, but when some developers think their game is good enough, Miyamoto will step in say to throw it all away and start over from scratch.

Didn't something similar like that occur with the original Star Fox?