Monster Hunter 4!


Videogame Sound Designer and Composer
New Trailer from Capcom summer Jam!

It's likely that you've already seen it, but it is awesome, no??

This video shows it windowed with the 3DS at a more realistic resolution.The video above highlights some rather unsightly backgrounds

Anyway, I really like that you can attack when jumping off a ledge, as well as climbing onto monsters and having them follow you around the environment. It's gonna be a fantastic game for sure! Sadly we won't see it over here for a long time if the Japan release is Summer 2013.

BUT you know that actually gives me a slight hope that we'll see 3G before then. I say that because Capcom reps have recently hinted heavily that 'the West will see Monster Hunter news soon' (heavily paraphrased I'm too lazy to find the link
). I don't honestly think we would see MH4 until at least 2014, so what else could they be referring to?