Monster Hunter Tri Unite Rumour


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As many already know, this popped up a few days ago:

As NintendoMan said on NE's article about it:

Get excited, but not too excited. Things aren’t always what they seem…
Which is a little bit concerning. I've read this as being called fake, as well, but I can't deny I had started to think the "Monster Hunter news coming soon, we just can't talk about it yet!" was actually just bundled with all the other secrecy concerning the Wii U's line up.

I mean, it makes sense, right? They've had many opportunities to announce 3G for the West, and all the fans are baffled about why they wouldn't, yet we are all aware that a plethora of Wii U news is right around the corner.

I'm excited, but also disappointed. When I first received my 3DS, I was REALLY looking forward to 3G...maybe NintendoMan can share some more wisdom?


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A Monster Hunter game would be more than welcome on Wii U.

Maybe after the smashing success of Monster hunter 3G on 3DS, Capcom wants to do it again for the Wii U.

To be honest having such game at launch would be huge for the Wii U in Japan.

that said, there are 2 problems :

- Monster Hunter games on home console don't perform that well. Monster Hunter tri sold less than 3G, despite a bigger installed base.

- How many Monster hunter 3 versions Capcom is going to release ? Would the game buy another version of the game ? Besides, Monster Hunter 4 is just around the corner...

Let's cross fingers, but I don't buy it
This would be smart since monster hunter tri was the best selling monster hunter in the west IIRC. If they are going to be bring the game to the west, a console version makes the most sense. Plus, hopefully they can put it online and get rid of that 4 player limit cap Tri had and if it releases in the launch window it could really set up the Wii U for future monster hunter games and be a solid system seller.