Most Anticipated Wii U Games -- Elia's List



Lamer Gamers Podcast Co-Host
Yup, great list. These are the games that are all must buys for me with maybe the exception of Kirby. I love Kirby games and I really enjoyed the DS version of this gaming style but I'm afraid it won't feel like it is worth it to me. Maybe when I see it on a big screen I'll change my mind. I just have a feeling I"ll mostly be looking at the gamepad for this and lose the point of playing it on a tv.


White Phoenix of the Crown
Excellent list! I may have numbered them a little differently, but I agree with your reasoning on each. Can't wait for so many games.
Didn't put on SMT X FE because we haven't really got much of anything on the game other than some concept footage. As for Sonic Boom... played it at E3, was not impressed...
That may be but we're talking Anticipated Wii U games list which is why I included them in mine. I've yet to play Sonic Boom so my hype level is still there. And SMT X FE is in Collaboration with Atlus X Nintendo so not much footage is needed for me. (Which I expect to see Footage of in the next Nintendo Direct in the next 4 weeks.)