Music covers by Banjo Guy Ollie


A while back I discovered the work of Smooth McGroove and decided to start something similar, ie:covering retro game tunes using my own instrument ...

I've a few done, castlevania, Zelda, Secret of mana, megaman x , some arcade titles, some ffvii, Turrican ..
Here's a few
Zelda, Link to the Past : Darkworld

Megaman x:

Castlevania 2 - Bloody Tears -
Secret of Mana -

Hope you like it
What better to start the week than a good fight, FF style ?
This one took me a while to finish. 14 video tracks for 18 audio layers.
This is the hardest cover I've worked on to date. Final Fantasy VII - Battle Theme . I know it's not a nintendo track as such but there's fans of the series on all platforms :)



All mods go to heaven.
Awesome stuff, I love VGM covers even though I haven't kept up with them for a while. Calling @Menashe, who also loves this stuff.

By the way, I like everything that I've listened to so far, but...


It's awesome to see Secret of Mana get the love it deserves, and your version was great, too! Great fit for the banjo and mandolin. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but I swear that for every 50 Final Fantasy covers I see, there is only 1 Secret of Mana cover, even though it has such amazing music.

EDIT: my bad, there's no mandolin in that Secret of Mana version. I saw it in the other videos and assumed it was in that one as well.
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hey guys.

For the newest cover I'm going back to nintendo, and the gameboy with a cover of Super Mario Land - Muda Kingdom.
The next one will be another gameboy title from Zelda, Link's Awakening - Mabe Village theme, I won't have access to a computer then (it's scheduled) so you'll have to check the channel :)
Happpy xmas!