My beloved handhelds ~


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Not Safe For Work. It's a tag typically used for content that is so sexy (or so violent) you'll get fired if your boss catches you watching it at work.
Ohhhh, I see. lol
I was in the restaurant business for over 20 years, so there wasn't much that was 'NSFW', hehe.

Side note: Is there a chat area/shoutbox here that I'm not seeing ?


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I'll tell you what caught my eye, though. That Mario Tennis cart for the Virtual Boy. I'll be damned if that and Wario Land didn't make me think that system was going to live a great, healthy life. Then it got canned.

Side note: Is there a chat area/shoutbox here that I'm not seeing ?
Look near the top of the page on the right. There's either a box that says "TNE Chat", or a white box that will turn into "TNE Chat" if you click on it.


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Oh I love the VB! Shame, that was. :( I collected for it for many years, that Mario cart is all that remains. For a system that has only around 20 games, it has a HIGH concentration of very FUN games, imho. Mario Tennis, Warioland, Clash, Jack Bros., V-Force, and my favorite of all -- Galactic Pinball! "Welcome to space world, let's GO!"

Yeah I see up there ^ where it says "TNE Chat", only I can't click on it....
Ahh the only thing I need in my life is a Gameboy Micro. So underrated, shame I was too young to buy one for myself when it released.
Yeah, they are sweeties, for sure. A bit tiny for my huge gorilla grips, but that display! :eek:

I had a couple more, but various friends were in need through the years, so....
Pretty cool to see all the different variations. Kind of wondering why you have so many duplicates. Then again, so many systems have died on me or gotten stolen over the years that all I have left in terms of handhelds are a GBA and the 2DS. So having backups is probably a good idea.