My MK9 Nitro Track Predictions: Blooper Cup

This nitro cup is new and placed between Star Cup and Special Cup.

1 PASILLOS DE COMPRA.jpg DELFINO MALL is the Grand Prix opener. Similar to Wii Coconut Mall. Ghost staff: Lakitu.

2 TEMPLO DEL CUARZO PERDIDO.jpg LOST QUARTZ TEMPLE goes in the second place. It's the most mysterious nitro track in the game without contest, and also the hardest. Even inside the temple you can fall because there are a lot of old bridges. The Lost Quartz appears in the garden. Ghost staff: Iggy.

3 CIRCUITO WESTERN.jpg GHOST CITY is a Western-themed track. You go into the saloon and jump to a secret jail tunnel, then you go to the bank. Ghost staff: Dry Bowser.

4 PAGODA DE LUIGI.jpg WALUIGI'S PAGODA is an Eastern-themed track. You go into a pagoda, basically. Ghost staff: Waluigi.

5 BOSQUE DE MARIO ARDILLA.jpg TANOOKI FOREST is a Pyrenees-themed track. It has also a camping area. Ghost staff: Tanooki Mario.
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