My MK9 Nitro Track Predictions: Flower Cup

1 CAVERNA DE ROY.jpg The cup opener is ROY'S CAVE HOUSE. Like all the house-based tracks, you begin it right in front of the entrance. The house is pretty modern. It also features a huge palace-like garden at the lap end. Ghost staff: Roy.

2 CIRCUITO DEL OLIMPO.jpg MOUNT OLYMPUS will be the second track of this cup. It will have sections instead of laps. You begin it in Athens. In Section 2, you mess around in the Acropolis, and then, in Section 3, you launch to the Olympus. When you end the track, you're in the roof of the palace. Ghost staff: Toad.

3 GRAN HOTEL FLOR.jpg FLOWER HOTEL will be the mid-cup track. You begin it right in front of the entrance. Although you don't enter the rooms, you go through bars, restaurants and free time areas, including a disco and the poolside. You even go through the parking, which is obviously the hardest section of this track. Ghost staff: Metal Mario.

4 MATRIZ DIGITAL DE PEACH.jpg The fourth track will be PEACH'S DIGITAL MATRIX. It's a circuit which seems to be inside a microchip. There is a red, a green and a blue part on the lap. Ghost staff: Pauline.

5 OASIS SECO-SECO.jpg And the closer is DRY DRY OASIS. It's quite similar to GCN Dry Dry Desert (pond included), but without the tornado. It has a temple similar to the one in Wii Dry Dry Ruins. With that I've said everything. Ghost staff: Dry Bones.
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