My MK9 Nitro Track Predictions: Mushroom Cup

First of all. Each cup will have 5 tracks and not 4.

1 CIRCUITO DE WARIO.JPG WARIO'S CIRCUIT will be the cup opener. Nothing special here xd. Ghost staff: Wario.

2 CIRCUITO DE LUIGI.jpg The next track will be LUIGI'S CIRCUIT. It's a circuit based on sunset, and much more beautiful than Wario's circuit. Also it has a Thwomp in the middle. Ghost staff: Luigi

3 JUNGLA DK.jpeg Third place goes for DK JUNGLE. You start in a cave filled with torches, and you are in it about 7 seconds. Then you go underwater, and after that you enter the jungle and mess around xd. You'll enter the cave of the beginning right at the lap end. Ghost staff: Donkey Kong.

4 ACANTILADO CHAMPIÑÓN.jpg Fourth place goes for MUSHROOM CLIFF. It looks like a normal road until you go trough a portal and you get into a platform in which you see the track like a drone. Then another portal takes you back to the road. Ghost staff: Toadette.

5 CALLES MODERNAS.jpg And the closer of the Mushroom Cup is DUBAI STREETS. It's a circuit based on Dubai. All the circuit features gravity. You will enter Burj Al Arab too. That part is the best in the track imo. Ghost staff: Yoshi.
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