My MK9 Nitro Track Predictions: Special Cup

1 CASTILLO DE BOWSER.jpg Let's change a little bit and put BOWSER'S CASTLE as the opener of the Special Cup. This time it will have a lot of lasers. It will also bring Thwomps back. Ghost staff: Bowser.

2 ATLANTIS.jpg ATLANTIS is the second course. The image describes almost everything, because you'll enter the Nautilus! Ghost staff: Baby Pauline.

3 PARQUE DE KOOPA TROOPA.jpg KOOPA TROOPA'S PARK will be the third course. Nothing much to describe. Ghost staff: Koopa Troopa.

4 PLAYA WALUIGI.jpg WARIO BEACH will be the fourth. It will be a bit dawn-themed: when the race begins, it's completely at night, but when it ends, it's completely at daytime. Ghost staff: Wario.

Guess which course will be the closer...
5 SENDA ARCOÍRIS.jpg RAINBOW ROAD. It will have sections instead of laps. It begins in a shed. Section 1 is on a taiga, then a portal leads you to space (Section 2) and then you go to Mars (Section 3). Ghost staff: Baby Daisy.
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You know what I like this idea, but I think the 4 different threads should be in the same place so I'll put them all together if you don't mind.