My MK9 Nitro Track Predictions: Star Cup

1 ARCADE VR.png VR ARCADE is the first track of the cup. It's basically a VR arcade, with a programmation room. Ghost staff: Rosalina.

2 MANSIÓN INFERNAL.png HELLISH MANSION comes next. It's a haunted mansion with Boos, but this time that spooky mansion has a gothic touch. When you get out of the mansion you'll encounter something new: a cemetery! Also there are zombies in the cemetery and in the mansion too. Ghost staff: King Boo.

3.1 CIRCUITO MARIO (INVIERNO).jpg 3.2 CIRCUITO MARIO (PRIMAVERA).jpg 3.3 CIRCUITO MARIO (VERANO).jpg 3.4 CIRCUITO MARIO (OTOÑO).jpg MARIO CIRCUIT will be here, in the third place of the Star Cup! Like in MK8's Animal Crossing, it appears in a random season. Ghost staff: Mario.

4 TUNDRA BOREAL.jpeg BOREAL TUNDRA is the fourth course. It's very similar to N64 Sherbet Land, but at night and with Northern Lights. Ghost staff: Morton.

5 SPA RELAX-WORLD.jpg And the last course of the Star Cup is RELAX-WORLD SPA. It's basically a spa-themed course. The spa is huge. Ghost staff: Daisy.
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